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This article seeks to demonstrate how can one create a web application that can run from desktops, mobile devices by using the JQuery Mobile Framework and HTML5. The purpose of the application is to store an retrieve ones' Notes. This seeks to show how can one apply a simple methodology to store and retrieve records from LocalStorage. This example application will have 4 screens at the end, these being:

1. The Springboard - this to provides a selection to access the notes
2. Notes - a list of your notes in a listview and functionality to add a new note and go back to the springboard
3. Add Note - a screen to add a new note and save it
4. Edit Note - a screen to update and delete your note

NB: I am assuming you know a something about JQuery Mobile, LocalStorage, JavaScript and HTML5, however I have created links above of where you can get part of the information from the web about them. The details of how to do this are in the attached word document.


Notes Listing

Add Note

Edit Note

Delete Note

Notes Listing: Existing

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